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bumps clinics with Derek Tate & Shona Tate

The Course

Bumps are challenging, then nobody said skiing was easy!  There are always terrain challenges and technique improvements to make no matter what level you get to.  Bumpy terrain is where everything either falls into place, or for most ... "falls apart!"

It requires a full skillset and directed focus to keep it together and achieve a bump pitch with confidence, flair and of course enjoyment.  A little bit of fitness also helps but with better skills we can achieve a better all round performance.

On this course we will put together some important technical tools for you and explore the tactical and emotional requirements that you have perhaps never explored before on the slopes.

It is sometimes very difficult to actually get bumps to practice on in ski resorts but within the Chamonix Valley and Evasion Area we always have the opportunity to play.

Video analysis will be used to support the learning process (your video will be made available for you to keep).

Is this course for you?

These courses are suitable for those who are able to ski all groomed runs in some form or another. 

     Bumps Improver

Skiers who have taken time to develop onto most runs,  you have come across bumpy slopes and would like to understand what is required to help you tackle them with a better outcome.  Confidence still needs to be built through practicing a range of technical & tactical skills so that any bumpy slope is achievable at the speed that suits your level of performance.


£130 per person  


2 x 3 hour sessions


2019/20 :- 


Group maximum of 6 people

(À La Carte Private sessions can also be made available at a cost of £240 per 3 hour session)

Further Details

Equipment - Piste skis with a carved shape or all mountain skis (not too long or fat as that makes it more difficult to make changes to your skills in bumps).

Insurance - Normal Winter Sports travel/piste and off piste rescue insurance (additional insurance can be purchased with your lift pass on purchase if you require it).

Lift Pass - ChamPass or Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass or the Rapid Card (pay as you go and you get the best rate available for what you use!).  We may use a range of areas in the Chamonix Valley and options for Les Contamines and St Gervais also available.  All areas are covered on the Mont Blanc Unlimited tickets.

The courses can be done stand alone or integrated into a seasonal programme for you.  

If our programme does not suit your dates please let us know and/or consider private lessons

These days are run in conjunction with our partners at Parallel Dreams

Skiing Bumps with BASS Chamonix

Booking Conditions

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